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Online Scent Work Testing with Training Feedback

Video searches and submit them to us to review, score and provide training feedback on. Earn qualifying scores, titles and ribbons too!


Be rewarded for playing the Scent Work game with your dog, whether you are preparing for formal competition or just having fun!

Encore Novice Title

What Is Cyber Scent Work?

Great question! Cyber Scent Work is an online Scent Work competition organization that allows you to submit videos of you and your dog tackling a variety of Scent Work searches to be scored.


If you pass a search, you will earn a qualifying score, otherwise known as a Q. With enough Q's, you and your dog will earn Element and Level titles. That means cool title certificates and pretty ribbons. YAY!

But that is not all. Regardless of whether you Q or not, you will also receive detailed training feedback and advice from our talented and experienced Review Officials.


So not only can you earn titles and ribbons with Cyber Scent Work, you can also receive the help you need to further improve your Scent Work skills. WOW!


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If your dog has a fully functioning nose and is over 6-months in age, they can play with Cyber Scent Work!

Who is Cyber Scent Work For?

Any dog with a functioning nose who is over 6-months of age may participate.

  • All breeds of dogs.

  • Intact dogs.

  • Blind dogs.

  • Deaf dogs.

  • Dogs with ambulatory limitations.

  • Dogs in carts or amputee dogs.

Reactive and sensitive dogs are welcome. Cyber Scent Work is entirely virtual, meaning you get to choose where your search areas are. If a traditional bustling Scent Work trial is too much for your pup, you can find an area where your dog can still safely play and succeed with Cyber Scent Work. YAY!

Shelter dogs are invited to play! Shelters may apply to join our program where they may register dogs in their care to participate. What a wonderful way to enhance the dog's quality of life and showcase their amazing sniffing skills! All accomplishments will follow the dog to their new dog when they are adopted. Learn more about our shelter program here.

Teams preparing or currently competing in formal Scent Work trials will love Cyber Scent Work. Get some much needed trial-like practice, see what your strengths are as a team and what still needs work. We've purposefully designed our searches and scoring to be MORE challenging than what you will see at trial. Thus, if you can pass our searches, there is a good chance you can pass a formal Scent Work trial search!

Teams working with a Scent Work instructors or group of friends have a home at Cyber Scent Work. Set up the exercises outlined in the rules, run it like a mock trial, video each run and submit it to us to score. Not only will you have a chance to earn Cyber Scent Work titles and ribbons, you will also receive excellent training feedback and advice AND have a fun, trial-like experience with your peers and friends. Can you say win-win?!

We welcome anyone looking for something fun to do with their dog. Do you need a way to work your dog out mentally and physically, giving them a much needed outlet, allowing them to tap into their natural instincts? Scent Work is the activity for you! If you are brand new Scent Work, be sure to check out our Resources page for ways you can begin your sniffing journey.

In short, Cyber Scent Work is for everyone!



Create your account, register your dog and submit your entry - get started on the fun today!


How Do I Get Started?

We've made the process as easy as possible!



Create your free account on the Cyber Scent Work website.


Register your dog and pay the one-time lifetime registration fee.


Video your search with a smartphone and upload this onto YouTube.


Submit your entry, pasting in the YouTube video link, on the Cyber Scent Work website.


Receive your fully scored and reviewed search within 7 business days, including helpful training advice and resources.

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Have your search reviewed and scored, earn titles and ribbons and receive personalized training advice to further progress as a team!


Contact Us

Cyber Scent Work, Inc.

2060 D Avenida De Los Arboles #564

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-1361


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