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Scent Work Games & Trialing

In-person and virtual options available. 

Earn titles and ribbons playing the sniffing game.

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Fun and challenging games designed to test your dog’s searching skills. Pick and choose individual skills to master.

Cyber Sniffing Games

Traditional Cyber Scent Work

Our formal trialing option, tackle six progressive levels in the four common search elements, testing the skills of both you and your dog.


We are all about offering options. Our goal is to promote ALL dog and handler teams to play the sniffing game!


The ultimate in convenience, submit your searches virtually to be reviewed and scored by our Online Review Officials.

Work with an approved Cyber Scent Work Evaluator in-person who will design, officiate and score your searches in real-time. 



Accepting Applications!

Are you an experienced Scent Work Instructor, trial official or professional detection dog handler or trainer?

Learn more about how you can incorporate Cyber Scent Work into your program or offer more sniffing fun opportunities to your clients and community.


Learn more about Cyber Scent Work with our free overview webinars or take a deeper dive with our paid training webinars, where you will learn how to train and prepare to tackle the Cyber Sniffing Games or Traditional Cyber Scent Work Program.


Learn about all that is happening at Cyber Scent Work, Inc., receive training tips, hear about the latest title earners and more! 


Cyber Scent Work is for all dog and handler teams who love Scent Work.

Does your dog love to sniff?

Perfect! Cyber Scent Work, Inc. is a wonderful way to have them play the sniffy game.

Are you training in Scent Work right now?

Test your skills to see how you can continue to progress.

Are you interested in formally competing?

Ensure you and your dog are ready to rock those trials!

Do you lack local training and trialing options?

No worries! Choose the online option and submit your videos to us!

Does your dog struggle at in-person classes or trials?

Pick locations and set-ups that will help YOUR dog succeed.

Are you a Scent Work instructor?

Apply to become an Evaluator and offer even more sniffing opportunities to your clients.

Are you a shelter staff member or volunteer?

Provide enrichment by getting your resident dogs sniffing!


They are all sniffing stars! Not only have they earned qualifying scores, titles and pretty ribbons, they have developed more skills and grown as impressive dog and handler teams!


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We are passionate about Scent Work. Our ultimate goal is to get more dogs playing the sniffy game!

Professional Scent Work instructors and trial officials, the founders of Cyber Scent Work, Inc. saw firsthand the benefits Scent Work affords dogs and handlers alike. Thus, they created Cyber Scent Work, Inc. to ensure as many teams as possible can participate in this wonderful activity.

We are incredibly fortunate to be joined by a group of highly experienced and talented Online Review Officials who share our passion for Scent Work and desire to help dogs and handlers grow into even better teams.


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Dianna L. Santos, President
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Sean McMurray, Vice President
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Cyber Scent Work, Inc.

2060 D Avenida De Los Arboles #564

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-1361

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