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Is your dog a sniffing star? Find out by tackling these Games which isolate crucial skills every Scent Work dog needs to be a successful searcher.

*Updated 6/1/24. Ver. 1.1

What Are Cyber Sniffing Games?

Cyber Sniffing Games are a series of challenges designed to test your dog’s skills. Each of the skills is useful in formal Scent Work competition. By parsing out each skill, you have the opportunity to ensure your dog is a well-rounded sniffing savant.

For example, the Look Up Game tests your dog’s ability to find hides placed at increasing heights above the ground, whereas Sniffing Speedster challenges your dog to find a hide both quickly and effectively with a short time limit.


See the full list of Games in the Rules.


You may start with any Game, at any time. There is no required order or progression, so choose the best Game for you and your dog.

How Can I Try Cyber Sniffing Games?

There are two ways to participate in Cyber Sniffing Games.



Looking for someone to design and officiate the searches for you? Work with an approved Cyber Scent Work Evaluator who will do just that! You can concentrate on tackling the search with your dog as the Evaluator scores your search. Afterwards, they will provide you with a paper scorecard letting you know if you passed or not. To earn titles and ribbons, simply upload a photo of this scorecard along with the required recording fee - easy!


Interested in working on your own or do not have an approved Evaluator in your area? Submitting an online entry is the perfect fit. You can choose to set the hides yourself, film and submit your own searches.

Looking to challenge yourself with blind hides? Have a friend or family member be your Assistant who will design the search, set the hides, film and officiate for you.


Upload your video along with the required entry fee and we will review your search.

Learn more about these offerings here.

How Are the Games Scored?

All Games are scored on a pass/needs work basis.

Each search will be evaluated against the following test criteria:


  • Dog knows what they're searching for.

  • Dog is focused on the search.

  • Dog is working independently.

  • Dog is interested in searching.

  • Dog finds all the hides.

  • Handler calls or indicates “Alert.”


Each Game entry requires three total searches. Participants must pass all testing criteria for all three searches to earn a passing score.


All three searches must be completed as part of a single entry on the same day or at the same event. For example, no partial credit will be awarded for passing two of the three searches.

Faults and disqualifications are also possible. See the Rules for more details.

Titles and Ribbons

How exciting, you can earn titles and ribbons by playing the Games!

For every Game you pass, you will earn a Game title and receive a title certificate via email. 

For every 5 Game titles earned, you will earn a Game X title (5X, 10X, etc.). You will receive a title certificate via email and you will also receive a physical ribbon mailed to your address. See our wonderful ribbons here - you know you want one!

Lots of Options

Known and Blind Hides

For each Game, you may choose whether you will know the location of the hide in advance. This option allows our virtual participants to work independently without the help of an Assistant by setting their own hides.

Whether the hides were known or blind will be noted on any Game titles earned.

Hide Options

The Games program is designed to be flexible to accomodate dogs at various levels of training. While formal competitions typically use target odors (e.g., Birch), Games allow for dogs to search for a number of different items.

You have several options for what your dog will search for. You may choose among Target Odor, Food, Paired Odor, Toys and Scented Articles.

See the Rules for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Game should I start with?

You may start with any Game you like. There is no required order to complete the Games. A popular choice is to start with the Look Up 1 ft Game.

How do I find an in-person Evaluator?

Once you create your free account on the Cyber Scent Work site, you may search a list of approved Evaluators.

What is the cost?

There is a one-time lifetime fee to register your dog, which will allow you to track their progress as they earn titles and ribbons. The registration allows you to compete in both Games and Traditional Cyber Scent Work.

Dog registration fee: $20.00

Entry Fees:

  • In-person: $15.00*

  • Online: $25.00


*Represents the recording fee paid to Cyber Scent Work and excludes any trialing fees charged by the Evaluator.

How do I submit an entry?

Log in to your account and select Submit a Game Entry. 

Can I submit both an in-person and an online entry?

Yes! Both types will work toward you earning your Game titles.

How do I video my search for an online entry?

See the Rules or this page for tips and tricks.

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