Designing and Setting Hides

Who are we looking for?

Content creators, influencers, brand ambassadors, and sales representatives. On-air or livestream experience is a bonus but it’s not required. You just need an eye for the latest trends, a passion for products and storytelling, and an engaging, friendly presence.

What do creators do on Shop LIT Live?

Creators receive free products and livestream about them through product demonstrations, try-on’s, tutorials, AMA’s, or how-to’s. Be creative, have fun, and get paid!

Is Shop LIT Live available on iOS and Android?

Shop LIT Live is available on both iOS and Android for users. Currently, to be a Creator and go live, you must have iOS.

Are there restrictions to be a Creator on Shop LIT Live?

You must be 18+.

What’s next after I apply?

We receive and review many applications on a weekly basis. nIf you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you.

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