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The idea for Cyber Scent Work has been years in the making, but it truly started to come together in August 2019.

Simply put, the goal of Cyber Scent Work is to get more dogs sniffing! Scent Work is an excellent activity for all dogs, allows them to tap into their amazing sense of smell, increases their confidence and further cultivates the bond between dog and handler. As if all of that were not enough, Scent Work is also mentally stimulating for the dog. Which means it can help tire them out, even if they don’t have the opportunity for tons of physical exercise.

Thus EVERY dog should be playing this wonderful game. We wanted to create a solution that would encourage more dog and handler teams to take the plunge.

With this in mind, we created an online Scent Work testing with training solution! Participants are incentivized to play Scent Work with their dogs, since they could potentially earn titles and ribbons, while also receiving helpful and informative training feedback and advice to further improve their skills. Win-win!



"Witnessing dogs light up as they get to play a game that is designed just for them is something I will never get tired of!"
-Dianna L. Santos, President and CEO

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Dianna L. Santos

A professional dog trainer since 2011, Dianna has focused on helping dogs who were reactive, fearful and aggressive. As she worked to improve her canine clients’ quality of life, she stumbled upon Scent Work and was immediately hooked!

Jumping in with both feet, Dianna became a Certified Nose Work Instructor through NACSW™ and taught group Scent Work classes on both coasts of the United States. Dianna was privileged to be a staff member of United States Canine Scent Sports when it first launched and is also an approved USCSS CSD and Judge and AKC Scent Work Judge.

Following a serious neck and back injury, Dianna stepped away from in-person training services and worked to launch an online dog training platform. Scent Work University has grown significantly since launching in 2017, and currently offers a catalog of over 40 online Scent Work courses, 50+ webinars, several eBooks, a regularly updated blog and the ever-popular All About Scent Work Podcast.

Witnessing firsthand the value of online training, Dianna sought to award the same convenience and benefits as an intermediary between training and formal Scent Work competition.


Thus she reached out to her mentor, Sean McMurray and together they worked to create the Cyber Scent Work program and site. As the saying goes, the rest is history. 

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Sean McMurray

Sean has over 25 years experience professionally training dogs, being the inaugural employee and instructor for Tails-U-Win! Canine Center, LLC in Manchester, CT. 

Sean has not only assisted countless dog and handler teams over the years, he has also mentored numerous training assistants and interns, ensuring the next generation of dog trainers are a promising and talented bunch. One such intern was Dianna.

Developing the Scent Fun program at Tails, Sean has been instrumental in dog and handler teams becoming enamored with this awesome activity, whether they were interested in competition or simply playing for fun.


Pragmaticism and good humor are trademarks of Sean’s approach both as an instructor or as a trial official through United States Canine Scent Sports, where he is an approved CSD and Judge. A huge fan of USCSS, Sean has done a great deal to help this newer organization gain a strong foothold in the Northeastern United States.


Sean is excited to be a part of Cyber Scent Work. He cannot wait to see how it will help get even more dog and handler teams get involved in the sniffing fun!

When Sean is not teaching group classes, setting up searches or officiating trials, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sue, and their 5 children and 3 dogs.


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