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Tips for Odor

Odor Vendors

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Odor Preparation: Beginner, Novice and Intermediate

Follow the "24-hour cooking" method, which does NOT involve any actual cooking with heat. What you will need:

  • one large canning jar (this is for your odor vial and dropper)
  • two smaller canning jars
  • 50 cotton swabs cut in half (with paper straws)
  1. Fill one of the smaller canning jars with the cotton swab halves.
  2. Draw up some oil in the dropper and place 3-5 drops on the inner wall of the smaller canning jar (do NOT place the oil directly onto any of the cotton swabs).
  3. Close this smaller canning jar and shake it for several minutes.
  4. Allow this smaller canning jar to sit for 24-hours. NO heat or actual cooking is required. We are simply allowing the odor vapors to permeate all the cotton swabs.
  5. In 24-hours, you may insert 3-5 scented cotton swabs into an odor vessel (e.g. metal tin, straw, tube, etc.) to place within the search area.
  6. After a search is done, these scented cotton swabs may be removed from the odor vessel and placed into the second smaller canning jar. These scented cotton swabs may be reused for a few months in your practice sessions.

Odor Storage

  • Store all target odors in air-tight cases away from any clean odor vessels, containers, adhesives (earthquake putty, GlueDots, etc.) or other supplies you may use within your searches (surveyor flags, start line tape, staging supplies, clean objects, etc.).
  • Once an object has had a hide on or inside of it, it is now and forever considered an odor item! These odor items should be stored together and away from anything that is considered clean.

Handling Odor

  • Wear plastic gloves whenever handling odor (loading, placing or removing your hides) and use tweezers to load any odor vessels.
  • NO NAKED SCENTED COTTON SWABS! All scented cotton swabs MUST be contained within some sort of odor vessel (e.g. metal tins, straws, tubes, etc.).
If you are interested in learning more about preparing or storing odor, check out the Prepping and Storing Odor Webinar offered through Scent Work University.

Odor Preparation: Advanced, Master and Expert

Place 2-drops of oil directly onto a single cotton swab (with the paper straw) and only place 1 scented cotton swab into an odor vessel (e.g. metal tin, straw, tube, etc.). When done with a search, remove the scented cotton swab from the odor vessel and place into a small canning jar. These scented cotton swabs may be used in your practice sessions for a few months.

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