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Level: Master

Elements: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle and Container

Number of hides: Up to the assistant

Moon Sniffing Containers.jpg
Clara Vehicle Search.jpg
Silly Handler Odor Puzzle

This is where the handler will choose from a variety of strange movements and actions that they must do while their dog is working a search. The assistant will have a series of pieces of paper in a bucket or hat for the handler to choose from before they run. These will contain the actions the handler must perform. Some suggestions include: drunken handler, skipping handler, ballerina handler, t-rex handler, hopping handler, aerobics handler, singing handler and so on. The movements should NOT be done in such a way as to scare, startle or stress out the dog. This puzzle is designed to test the dog’s ability to stay focused on the task at-hand and not become distracted by their handler. This odor puzzle should be present in at least one of the searches in all of the elements at the Master level.


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