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Calling All Scent Work Instructors!

Are you an instructor teaching Scent Work right now? Looking for a way to help your canine and human clients further grow and develop as a team? Did you know you could leverage Cyber Scent Work, Inc. to do just that?!

Consider offering a CSW Test Prep class, where they will prepare to tackle the various levels of competition offered through CSW. Video those runs and discuss your observations individually or as a group. How cool is that?!

Perhaps your clients then opt to submit those video entries for our Review Officials to review, score and provide training feedback on. Here is where it gets really exciting! Your client will receive the positive reinforcement for all their hard work by potentially earning a qualifying score, titles and ribbons (woohoo!), but they will also receive customized training advice. You can then use this advice, what a fellow experienced colleague noticed and recommended, to further supplement or build your program! WOW!

For instance, perhaps the Review Official offered suggestions regarding leash handling skills. This may prompt you to offer a leash handling workshop or specialized class, building off of the suggestions offered. The possibilities are endless!

Interested in learning more about how you can leverage Cyber Scent Work, Inc. to help your clients? Contact us today!

Want to see how instructors are already leveraging Cyber Scent Work, Inc.? Check out Lori Timberlake's webinar where she discusses how she offers CSW Test Prep classes and mock ORTs to help her clients.

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We cannot wait to work with you and your clients!

Happy Training!

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