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Element Title RIBBONS!!!

You read that right, not only will you receive a title ribbon when you earn a Level title, you will also receive a title ribbon when you earn an Element title as well! WOOHOO!


...Well, that was not the reaction we were hoping for...


Oh, that explains it!

Never fear, this change is retroactive.


Yup. That means as soon as we have the brand-new pretty Element title ribbons in our hands, we will start mailing them out to all the teams who have earned Element titles up until this point.

" that means I WILL get more pretty ribbons?"

If you earned an Element title with us, yes, more pretty ribbons are on the way.


I know right?!

However, there is one tiny little catch.


You must login to your Cyber Scent Work, Inc. dashboard, click the MY PROFILE icon and ensure your mailing address is up to date. Otherwise, your Element ribbons may simply be lost, out there in the world, not being admired by you.

"Oh, I can do that! I want my ribbons!"

And we want you to have them.

As soon as we receive these new Element title ribbons from our ribbon vendor, who is working very hard to make them for us, we will start mailing them out.


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