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Joy of Choice: Entry Options

We are super-duper excited to announce something new from Cyber Scent Work: the power of choice.

That’s right, you will now have the option of choosing from submitting a scorecard only entry or a scorecard with feedback entry.

With the scorecard only option, you will have your video entry scored without receiving custom feedback. This means you will still receive a scorecard, outlining how you fared against the 20 test items, earn Q’s and progress toward earning Element and Level titles and ribbons. However, you will no longer receive video training feedback on your search. This option is offered at a reduced price point of $25 per entry.

This presents a low-cost option for those competitors who are focused on accumulating Q’s but do not necessarily want to receive feedback on every entry.

We founded Cyber Scent Work to deliver quality training advice to competitors playing the game of Scent Work, bridging the gap between training and trialing. Thus, we encourage everyone to continue utilizing the full-service offered with the scorecard with feedback entry. These entries include custom feedback with training tips from our experienced Review Officials regardless of whether you pass the search or not. We’ve simplified the pricing, so that all scorecard with feedback entries, regardless of level, cost $45 per entry.

Also, in case you missed it…

As of June 2022, all feedback from the Review Officials is now provided via video. Training advice and feedback is no longer available via text on the scorecard. This new format allows Review Officials to point out specific moments in your search video to comment on as well as provide pointed and individualized training advice. Truly enhancing the experience, clients are loving this change. If you haven’t tried it yet, we hope you will soon.





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