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New Podcast Series

We are thrilled to announce that the All About Scent Work Podcast has launched a new series where they will be featuring participants of Cyber Scent Work, Inc.! YAY!

The purpose of this series to allow listeners to get to know who is going through Cyber Scent Work, Inc., their sniffing journey and what their experience was and thoughts are about Cyber Scent Work, Inc.

The first episode of this new series features Lisa, who shares the story of her adorable and brave boy Rickon, how he came into her life, the way she leveraged Scent Work to further build his confidence and what her experience with Cyber Scent Work, Inc. was like.

A HUGE "Thank You" to Lisa for being a part of this inaugural episode and for sharing your adorable boy with us - we cannot wait to see what you two do going in forward!

Listen the episode in full here:

Are you interested in participating in this new podcast series? We would love to hear from you! Contact Dianna at and she will give you the details about how all this works.

Thank you one and all for being a part of Cyber Scent Work, Inc. and for sharing your dogs with us! Be certain to stay tuned, as there is a TON of exciting news coming your way!

Happy Sniffing!


Ready to get started with Cyber Scent Work, Inc.? We make it as easy as possible!

  1. Create a free account.

  2. Read over the Rules.

  3. Register your dog (one-time lifetime fee).

  4. Choose your level, search element and odor track.

  5. Video your search.

  6. Submit your video entry.

  7. Receive your review, score, video feedback and recommended resources within 7-business days while simultaneously earning qualifying scores toward titles and ribbons. WOW!



Create your account, register your dog and submit your entry - get started on the fun today!

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