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Review Official Insights: Lori Timberlake

What is your favorite part of being an instructor, trial official and/or Review Official?

"There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a dog figure out an odor puzzle. They teach us so much about how individual dogs work, what the odor is doing and how to set hides. They are amazing teachers." Lori Timberlake

Our Review Officials are truly passionate about Scent Work and LOVE watching you and your dog tackle a search area together as a team.

Submit a video entry today for our Review Officials to review, score and provide training feedback on. That's right, not only will you have the opportunity to earn qualifying scores, titles and ribbons, you will also receive training feedback designed to ensure you and your dog continue to grow as a team.

Want to see what an ideal video entry is? Check out this example.

Happy Training!



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