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Judith Guthrie

Judith Guthrie

A professional detection dog trainer, handler who is also an approved Scent Work trial official with AKC Scent Work and USCSS, Judith brings the breadth of knowledge an perspective sought after by many Scent Work handler teams.


Certified Nose Work Instructor
AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS CSD and Judge
Member of National Tactical Police Dog Association (NTPDA)
Former Member of International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA).
Owner of Nose Dogs Detection Services

Judith Guthrie is a detection dog trainer, handler, and certified nose work instructor as well as a certified for The National Tactical Police Dog Association (NTPDA) and the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA). Additionally, Judith is an approved AKC Scent Work Judge, NACSW Judge and USCSS CSD and Judge.

Raised around working dogs, mainly search & rescue dogs and retired police dogs, she has been part of the dog world her entire life. Dog training and canine behavior is a passion of hers. She always wants to know the "why" of a situation and how to mold the behaviors offered in the direction she needs them to go. 

In training, she enjoys it all from competition obedience and agility to every piece of police dog work and everything in between. She has been involved in the training of detection and patrol dogs for police, government, and private agencies across the United States. Judith has trained detection canines for narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, and human remains to name a few. On the competition side, Judith has multiple titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, and K9 Nose Work. She also enjoys finding ways her dogs can help in everyday life from carrying snacks and water when hiking to pulling the feed cart to feed the livestock.

Her current competition dogs are a mixed breed rescue she hand raised from 3 days who is currently a national level competitor and a deaf mix breed rescue just starting out in nose work. Professionally she handles several bed bug detection, narcotics detection, and explode detection canines for private businesses and families in the western United States. Judith also loves developing young detection dogs and learns something from every dog.

Currently she runs Nose Dogs Detection Services, a police and detection dog training facility. Through Nose Dogs, Judith offers trained and prospective police and detection dogs for sale, detection dog handling courses, workshops, certifications, personal protection dogs, companion dogs (trained, untrained, and/or titled), and a list of detection services for private individuals and businesses. When possible she also works with a variety of rescues.

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