Michelle began K9 Nose Work classes in 2010 with her spaniel mix puppy, Kacie.  She now particularly enjoys helping develop the unique bond between dog and handler that Scent Work creates, and helping the handlers learn more about their dog’s working style. 

Michelle has been a Certified Nose Work Instructor since 2013. Her favorite focus for training is foundation skill reinforcement for dogs of all levels, as well as trial prep. 

Her own dogs have achieved various title levels: Nate, a tricolor Collie mix, earned his NW3 Elite in 2015 with High In Trial on his final NW3 and ELT2 a few months before his passing of old age in 2019;  Cedar NW3 Elite, a sable Rough Collie, was among the first three purebred Collies to earn a NW3 title in 2016, with a Pronounced designation and Second Place overall; and the third purebred Collie to earn an Elite title. Clover, NW3 Elite, a tricolor headed white Rough Collie, earned her NW2 title with a Pronounced designation and second place overall; Burdock, NW3 Elite, a sable male Collie, earned 3rd place overall in his first NW3 Trial & first place in L2I. Her first K9Nose Work partner, Kacie, a Brittany  mix, earned her NW1 title with Second Place overall in 2012. 

Nate (r.i.p.) Elite2, L2I

Cedar NW3 Elite, L2I, L2E

Clover NW3 Elite, L3C, L1I

Burdock NW3 Elite, L2I

Lilac - new beginnings! 

Kacie NW1 

Michelle Doram

Michelle Doram

Certified Nose Work Instructor
AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS Judge and CSD
Elite-Level Competitor
Owner of White Collar K9


Michelle Doram

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