With every Scent Work competition organization, there will be a set of rules and guidelines for dogs and handlers to follow. Cyber Scent Work is no different. 

However, since Cyber Scent Work is designed to help bridge the gap between training Scent Work and formally competing, we have designed our rules to mirror those of several formal competition organizations...and then making the exercises that much more challenging.


Basically, if you can pass one our searches at a given level, it may be a good indication that you and your dog are ready to pass a similar search with a formal Scent Work competition organization.

We've written these rules to outline not only how searches should be designed for each search element and level, but the questions Reviewers will ask themselves when scoring each entry.

These rules are written to be easy to digest and set the tone for Cyber Scent Work, which is to have fun with our dogs!

Should these rules be updated or changed, the new version will be posted here with a short rundown of the changes that were made.

If you are unclear about any of these rules, please do not hesitate to contact Dianna at - she is always happy to help.


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PRICING (as of June 7, 2021)

Dog Registration: $20.00 (one-time lifetime fee)

Beginner, Novice or Intermediate Entry: $30.00

Advanced Entry: $35.00

Master Entry: $40.00

Expert Entry: $45.00

*Approved shelters enjoy a 50% off discount.


NOTE: Updated version of the Rules was uploaded on October 25, 2021 and are effective November 1, 2021. Breakdown of changes is on Page 2.

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