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  • Bimonthly Livestreams

    We are excited to announce that Cyber Scent Work will be hosting bimonthly livestreams. The best part? These livestreams will be FREE! What will be discussed? Specific topics pertaining to the either the Cyber Sniffing Games or Traditional Cyber Scent Work Program, discussions with our Online Review Officials, approved CSW Evaluators and more. Additionally, each livestream will wrap-up with a Q&A, so bring your questions! Where will these be hosted? Great question! These free livestreams will be available live, recorded and posted to aftewards, to the following locations: Cyber Scent Work Facebook Page Friends of Cyber Scent Work Facebook Group Cyber Scent Work Instagram Page Cyber Scent Work YouTube Channel Do you have a topic request? Email the President and Co-Founder of Cyber Scent Work at and she will get a livestream scheduled!

  • We Are Thankful For You!

    We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you to our incredibly talented Review Officials who share their expertise and knowledge with our clients. Thank you to all the professional instructors, trial officials and professional detection dog handlers/trainers who has applied to become Evaluators. Our Evaluator Program was only recently launched and we already have approved Evaluators throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK, WOW! These Evaluators are on the ground and promoting more dog and handlers to play the wonderful game of Scent Work. You are amazing! Thank you to all of our clients who share their joy for Scent Work with us. Being a part of your sniffing jouney is an honor and privilege. We love to celebrate your wins and are always rooting for you and your pups. Thank you to all of the dogs we have worked with over they years. The ultimate teachers, it is amazing to get even a small glimpse into their world of scenting. We are thankful for you all. YAY FOR MORE SNIFFING GOODNESS! Happy Sniffing! #cyberscentwork #cybersniffinggames #traditionalcyberscentwork

  • New Sniffing Opportunities!

    We are delighted to announce that Cyber Scent Work now offers two programs for you to choose from: Cyber Sniffing Games offer individual skills-based challenges that test the skills dogs need to succeed in Scent Work trials. Traditional Cyber Scent Work more closely resembles a formal Scent Work trialing experience. The Traditional program offers six levels of difficulty and four search elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, Container). All about offering choices, we are also excited to announce that you may choose between submitting either an online or in-person entry. To submit an online entry, you may video your search and submit it for our Online Review Officials to review and score. You may also choose to receive training feedback. Alternatively, you may opt to work in-person with an approved Evaluator who will design and officiate the search for you. No need to film the search. The Evaluator will provide you with a paper scorecard at the conclusion of your search. You may then take a photo of this scorecard and submit this, along with your entry and recording fee, to Cyber Scent Work to earn any titles or ribbons. We are in the process of approving Evaluators, so if you are an experienced Scent Work instructor, trial official, professional detection dog trainer or handler, learn more about the Evaluator program here. We are thrilled to offer these new sniffing opportunities and cannot wait to work with you and your pup. Happy Training!

  • Review Official Insights: Lori Timberlake

    What is your favorite part of being an instructor, trial official and/or Review Official? "There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a dog figure out an odor puzzle. They teach us so much about how individual dogs work, what the odor is doing and how to set hides. They are amazing teachers." Lori Timberlake Our Review Officials are truly passionate about Scent Work and LOVE watching you and your dog tackle a search area together as a team. Submit a video entry today for our Review Officials to review, score and provide training feedback on. That's right, not only will you have the opportunity to earn qualifying scores, titles and ribbons, you will also receive training feedback designed to ensure you and your dog continue to grow as a team. Read the Rules here. See a few examples of teams who have gone through Cyber Scent Work, Inc. Want to see what an ideal video entry is? Check out this example. Happy Training! #cyberscentwork #reviewofficialinsights #scentwork #nosework #scentworktraining #noseworktraining #scentworktrialing #noseworktrialing #onlinescentwork #onlinenosework #virtualscentwork #virtualnosework

  • Element Title Earners

    We are THRILLED to have received the following photos from a few of our clients sharing their hard-earned Element Title ribbons. Congratulations one and all, YOU ALL ROCK! Did you want to get started in Cyber Scent Work, Inc.? It is easy! Read over the Rules here. Create an account for FREE. Register your dog. Choose from the Cyber Sniffing Games or Traditional Cyber Scent Work program. Start practicing your searches. When you are ready, choose to work with an Evaluator for an in-person assessment or video your search and submit an online entry.

  • Element Title Ribbons are HERE!

    A huge "THANK YOU" to our ribbon vendor, Clearview Ribbon Company for creating these beautiful Element Title ribbons for us. As a reminder, we are issuing these ribbons retroactively. Thus, if you earned an Element title in the past, expect an Element Title ribbon in the mail! However, we want to ensure everyone receives their ribbons! Therefore, please login to your CSW account to double-triple check that your mailing address is correct. You may do this by logging in and clicking the MY ACCOUNT icon. If you need to update your address, simply click on EDIT PROFILE to make the change. To give everyone time to update their information, we will begin mailing out these Element Title ribbons next week. There are even MORE exciting developments in the works, so be sure to stay tuned. Happy Training!

  • Podcast Episode 77: Tracy and Harry

    We are loving the ongoing series offered through the All About Scent Work Podcast, where participants of Cyber Scent Work, Inc., have an opportunity to share their stories. This latest episode includes an engaging conversation with Tracy Martin about her journey into Scent Work, her own personal incredible sniffing dogs as well as how she is helping her clients learn about the sniffing game and how they can thrive doing so. In particular, it was wonderful to hear how Tracy offered the CSW Test Prep classes to help her clients grow and develop their sniffing skills. A huge "THANK YOU" to Tracy for sharing her story and passion for all things dog training and Scent Work, we are so grateful to be a part of your journey!

  • Podcast Episode 75: Jo Ann and Lucy

    The second in the ongoing series offered through the All About Scent Work Podcast, where the goal is to learn more about participants of Cyber Scent Work, Inc., this episode includes an engaging conversation with Jo Ann Dombeck about her journey into Scent Work, having three awesome little sniffing dogs and her experience with Cyber Scent Work. A huge "THANK YOU" to Jo Ann for sharing her story with us and also sending an adorable video afterwards of her prancing poodle, it was heartwarming to say the least!

  • Element Title RIBBONS!!!

    You read that right, not only will you receive a title ribbon when you earn a Level title, you will also receive a title ribbon when you earn an Element title as well! WOOHOO! "I'M SO SAD!" ...Well, that was not the reaction we were hoping for... "I EARNED AN ELEMENT TITLE BEFORE THIS CHANGE, BOOOOO!" Oh, that explains it! Never fear, this change is retroactive. "...retroactive?" Yup. That means as soon as we have the brand-new pretty Element title ribbons in our hands, we will start mailing them out to all the teams who have earned Element titles up until this point. " that means I WILL get more pretty ribbons?" If you earned an Element title with us, yes, more pretty ribbons are on the way. "YIPEE!" I know right?! However, there is one tiny little catch. "I KNEW IT!" You must login to your Cyber Scent Work, Inc. dashboard, click the MY PROFILE icon and ensure your mailing address is up to date. Otherwise, your Element ribbons may simply be lost, out there in the world, not being admired by you. "Oh, I can do that! I want my ribbons!" And we want you to have them. As soon as we receive these new Element title ribbons from our ribbon vendor, who is working very hard to make them for us, we will start mailing them out. Are you ready to get started? Create a free account here. Be sure to look over the Rules and check out the FAQs and Resources page. We also have a series of video tutorials available on our YouTube page. Have a question? Do not hesitate to ask! We are always happy to help! Get out there and play some Scent Work with your pups. As we always say, sniffing for the WIN!

  • New Podcast Series

    We are thrilled to announce that the All About Scent Work Podcast has launched a new series where they will be featuring participants of Cyber Scent Work, Inc.! YAY! The purpose of this series to allow listeners to get to know who is going through Cyber Scent Work, Inc., their sniffing journey and what their experience was and thoughts are about Cyber Scent Work, Inc. The first episode of this new series features Lisa, who shares the story of her adorable and brave boy Rickon, how he came into her life, the way she leveraged Scent Work to further build his confidence and what her experience with Cyber Scent Work, Inc. was like. A HUGE "Thank You" to Lisa for being a part of this inaugural episode and for sharing your adorable boy with us - we cannot wait to see what you two do going in forward! Listen the episode in full here: Are you interested in participating in this new podcast series? We would love to hear from you! Contact Dianna at and she will give you the details about how all this works. Thank you one and all for being a part of Cyber Scent Work, Inc. and for sharing your dogs with us! Be certain to stay tuned, as there is a TON of exciting news coming your way! Happy Sniffing! Ready to get started with Cyber Scent Work, Inc.? We make it as easy as possible! Create a free account. Read over the Rules. Register your dog (one-time lifetime fee). Choose your level, search element and odor track. Video your search. Submit your video entry. Receive your review, score, video feedback and recommended resources within 7-business days while simultaneously earning qualifying scores toward titles and ribbons. WOW!

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