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Shelter Approval Form

Thank you for your interest in joining our shelter program! Our goal is to offer shelters a way to provide enrichment to their dogs and potentially increase their chances at adoption by showcasing their sniffing achievements!

As such, approved shelters will receive a 50% discount on all registration and search review fees.

To begin the process, please complete the short form below. We will review the same and once it is approved, we will create an account for your shelter. This will be the hub for ALL the dogs in your shelter you are interested in registering and submitting entries for.


Should a registered dog be adopted, all of their progress will follow them to their new owner! Simply email us with the new owner's name and email address and we will create an account for them and transfer the dog from the shelter account to this new account.


NOTE: The shelter program discount only applies to the shelter. Adopters will be charged the normal registration and search review fees.

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