Filming the Search

Filming the Search

What You Will Need

  • smartphone or video camera
  • tripod or something to prop the camera up (recommended)
  • light (if filming indoors, choose areas with lots of natural light and where you can also turn lights on)
  • 2 cones to denote the start line
  • surveyor flags or tape to denote the search area boundaries

What Needs to be Included in the Video

An overview of the search area before the team runs indicating:

  • The level, element and track and total number of hides within the search, including the number of noted and blind hides (e.g., Master, Interior, Food Track searches. Interior 1 with 3 total blind hides, Interior 2 with 2 total blind hides and Interior 3 is blank).
  • where the hides are
    • This can be done by standing back and pointing or walking up and indicating exactly where the hides are.
  • where the start line and search area boundaries are.

Show the entirety of the search, which includes:
  • team approaching the start line
  • team searching
  • handler calling "FINISH" (or “CLEAR” in blank searches)

NOTE: For consecutive searches, be sure to include all the individual searches for both the overview of the search area, showing the relationship of the search areas to one another and the team searching in each.

Tips for Filming

  • Hold your smartphone sideways to take a landscape video. This will allow the Review Official to get a better view of what is going on.
  • Try to position your camera so the sun or brightest light source is behind the camera.
  • Ensure there is enough light. When working indoors, open the shades and turn the lights on so it is as bright as possible.
  • Ensure the Review Official will be able to see the entirety of the search area and the hides as well as the dog and handler team who is working.
  • There is no need to zoom in while a team is working; the camera should be positioned in such a way that this is not necessary.
  • The Review Official will need to hear the handler call out “ALERT”, “FINISH” or “CLEAR”, so make certain the handler knows to speak up, especially when working in exterior searches on windy days!
  • Vehicle searches can be challenging to video. Having someone hold onto the camera is best so they can try to reposition if necessary to see the dog and handler team working. As long as the Review Official can see where the hides are in the video, you are good.
  • Most importantly, don’t let the videoing piece be a stress point. You’ve got this!

NOTE: Click the icon to see a .PDF version of these tips.

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