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How do I submit an online entry? How do I find an Evaluator to work with in-person? Find answers to these questions and more below.

Daci Intermediate Title

In-Person Assessment


In-person assessments are where you work locally with an approved Cyber Scent Work Evaluator. The Evaluator will design the search for you and score your run, so you will get your results immediately. 


The Evaluator is responsible for setting up the search in accordance with the Cyber Scent Work Rules, so you can just focus on searching with your dog.

When working with an Evaluator, it may be within a class or as part of an event. We encourage Scent Work instructors to become certified as Cyber Scent Work Evaluators so that they can incorporate CSW searches into their curriculum or program. Learn more about the Evaluator program here.

The Evaluator may charge a fee to participate in their class or event at their discretion. 


The Evaluator will score your search and provide you with a paper scorecard. It is your responsibility to upload a photo of your scorecard to Cyber Scent Work so we can record your progress and provide you with any titles and ribbons you may earn.


There is a separate recording fee charged by Cyber Scent Work for this process. This recording fee is in addition to any fees charged by the Evaluator. The Evaluator cannot upload your scorecard and will not collect your recording fee. 


You may search for an Evaluator in your area by logging into your account on the Cyber Scent Work site and clicking on the Evaluators menu link. The Evaluator program is being launched in Q4 2023 and Evaluators will be approved in the coming months.

Online Assessments


Online assessments are where you may either design the search yourself at home or work with an Assistant who will design the search for you. You will need to record a video of your search and one of our Online Review Officials will review the video and score your run.


You do not need to be an expert to design your own searches. The Rulebook for the Cyber Sniffing Games and Traditional Cyber Scent Work outline all the requirements for each type of search in convenient one-page summaries. 

Most searches require the help of an Assistant, which can be a friend or family member, to help set the hides, officiate and film the search. The Assistant does not need to be certified by Cyber Scent Work or any other organization. More details on the Assistant's responsibilities are outlined in the Rules.

For those looking to participate fully on their own, the Cyber Sniffing Games have an option that allows you to set your own hides and does not require having an Assistant. See the Rules for more details.



Film with your phone or camera. Video includes the setup and any searches themselves. You will need to combine both the setup and search into a single video. You will upload this video to YouTube and share the link as part of your online entry.


Our Online Review Officials will score your entry within 7 business days. You will receive an electronic scorecard via email. You can also see your scorecard and track your progress on your dashboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit both an in-person and an online entry?

Yes! Both types will work toward earning titles and ribbons.

Do I have to register online if I'm working with an in-person Evaluator?

Yes. When you register your dog, you will receive a registration number that your Evaluator will need to properly complete your scorecard. To receive credit for any passing/qualifying entries, you will need to upload a photo of your scorecard and pay the required recording fee.

Can I choose my Online Review Official?

Due to their extremely busy schedules and varying availability, unfortunately we cannot accomodate assigning specific Online Review Officials for individual reviews. 

Ideal Video Submission Example

This video demonstrates what to include:

  • show the search area

  • indicate where the hides are

  • indicate where the distractors are

  • keep the dog and handler in view

  • handler calls "ALERT" and "FINISH"

  • assistant says "YES"


Thank you to Deb and Daci for this fantastic video!

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