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Here are some resources and helpful tips so you may get started with Cyber Scent Work, Inc.

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Exterior Box Search.jpg
Rick Container Paired Odor Element Title

Ideal Video Submission Example

This video demonstrates what to include:

  • show the search area

  • indicate where the hides are

  • indicate where the distractors are

  • keep the dog and handler in view

  • handler calls "ALERT" and "FINISH"

  • assistant says "YES"


Thank you to Deb and Daci for this fantastic video!

Ideal Video

Search Examples

Master Container A
Master Vehicle B
Master Interior B
Advanced Exterior B

Are you stumped on how to design your searches?

See visual examples of searches for each level and element!

Get ideas for your own searches, be creative and have fun!

These are only suggestions. Searches do NOT need to follow or mimic these images.

Search Examples
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