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Bimonthly Livestreams

We are excited to announce that Cyber Scent Work will be hosting bimonthly livestreams. The best part? These livestreams will be FREE!

What will be discussed? Specific topics pertaining to the either the Cyber Sniffing Games or Traditional Cyber Scent Work Program, discussions with our Online Review Officials, approved CSW Evaluators and more. Additionally, each livestream will wrap-up with a Q&A, so bring your questions!

Where will these be hosted? Great question! These free livestreams will be available live, recorded and posted to aftewards, to the following locations:

Do you have a topic request? Email the President and Co-Founder of Cyber Scent Work at and she will get a livestream scheduled!



Create your account, register your dog and submit your entry - get started on the fun today!

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