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New Sniffing Opportunities!

We are delighted to announce that Cyber Scent Work now offers two programs for you to choose from:

Cyber Sniffing Games offer individual skills-based challenges that test the skills dogs need to succeed in Scent Work trials.

Traditional Cyber Scent Work more closely resembles a formal Scent Work trialing experience. The Traditional program offers six levels of difficulty and four search elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, Container).

All about offering choices, we are also excited to announce that you may choose between submitting either an online or in-person entry.

To submit an online entry, you may video your search and submit it for our Online Review Officials to review and score. You may also choose to receive training feedback.

Alternatively, you may opt to work in-person with an approved Evaluator who will design and officiate the search for you. No need to film the search. The Evaluator will provide you with a paper scorecard at the conclusion of your search. You may then take a photo of this scorecard and submit this, along with your entry and recording fee, to Cyber Scent Work to earn any titles or ribbons.

We are in the process of approving Evaluators, so if you are an experienced Scent Work instructor, trial official, professional detection dog trainer or handler, learn more about the Evaluator program here.

We are thrilled to offer these new sniffing opportunities and cannot wait to work with you and your pup.

Happy Training!



Create your account, register your dog and submit your entry - get started on the fun today!

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