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We Are Thankful For You!

Thank you for playing the sniffing game with us

We have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you to our incredibly talented Review Officials who share their expertise and knowledge with our clients.

Thank you to all the professional instructors, trial officials and professional detection dog handlers/trainers who has applied to become Evaluators. Our Evaluator Program was only recently launched and we already have approved Evaluators throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK, WOW! These Evaluators are on the ground and promoting more dog and handlers to play the wonderful game of Scent Work. You are amazing!

Thank you to all of our clients who share their joy for Scent Work with us. Being a part of your sniffing jouney is an honor and privilege. We love to celebrate your wins and are always rooting for you and your pups.

Thank you to all of the dogs we have worked with over they years. The ultimate teachers, it is amazing to get even a small glimpse into their world of scenting.

We are thankful for you all. YAY FOR MORE SNIFFING GOODNESS!

Happy Sniffing!



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